The Bob Grainger 'Grimpeur et Rouleur' Ride

The weather could have been better, but some 12 riders gathered at the Unicorn for this special Clubrun.

Alongside regulars Phil & Pam Fern, Roy Aitken, Tom Hempenstall, Ray McCarthy, Pete Levene, Dave Cane and Rob Bailey it was good to see Nigel Benn back on a bike once more. The club riders were joined by Gerald Atkinson and Steve Beswick.

Nigel had not been on a bike for some weeks and turned for home at Pott Shrigley, but it was good to have a chat for those early miles. Pete and Dave decided to take a flatter route and left us heading for Bollington, AJ's and then a lunchtime rendezvous at Hollands.

The rest of us took the Brickworks climb, favourite training ride of Brian Downing and much loved Chesh hill climb event of Bob. At the top of the Brickworks we turned right and headed towards Rainow on another favourite stretch of road used for the old 10 mile hilly Time Trial - how Dave Norris smiled as he set us off from Macclesfield to Kettleshulme and back on that little tester.

Turning left at the Highwayman we dropped to Lamaload and then after the steep ascent from the reservoir to the Cat and Fiddle continued into picturesque Wildboarclough, a frequent haunt of the 'Chesh'. We opted for the steep ascent to Hanging Gate before the descent to Sutton, where Rob Bailey had to head for home.

It was now an easier ride via Fools Nook to Gawsworth and Hollands Cafe where Joan and Pauline had already arrived on bikes, with Alma Norris, Lish Atkinson and Ann having arrived by car. Phil had suffered a puncture over the last stretch, but it was not long before we were all installed with Pete and Dave for a convivial lunch.

Much chinwagging later we departed in company for a mile or two with Joan, it was great to see her back on the bike. Leaving Pauline and Joan at Gawsworth with their car we headed for much loved Cheshire lanes to Marton, Lower Withington, Siddington, Redesmere, then Birtles and home. The weather had turned a little damper, but not our spirits, it was a grand ride to fondly remember Bob and all the other 'Grimpeurs and Rouleurs' of the Chesh who, unfortunately, are no longer with us.