'Punctures' continued from December 'NEWS'

On a weekend trip to Bodfari my front wheel was damaged when the bike came off the roof rack, but that's another story.................

Stuart Wilson was coming out to join us at Bodfari on Saturday evening, and a phone call arranged another wheel and a ride on Sunday. A local farmer had been hedge cutting and you have guessed it, I punctured, but no problem there were plenty of spare tubes, that's when we found that Stuart had brought a tubular shod sprint, about 200 pumping jobs later we got back to the digs with an aching arm.

Pete Levene punctured riding over a cattle grid in Tatton Park, and we decided to make repairs near the Hall where we could have a wash. An old bloke spent ages telling us about the marvellous punctures he had when tandem riding with his wife "What is better than sitting on a grassy bank waiting for the solution to dry and listening to the birds and bees in the hedges and enjoying the sunshine," He had had some great punctures.

I recently took my car for servicing at Lyme Green and set of to ride the canal bank to Congleton. It was a nice day, but at Bosley locks I felt the dreaded spongy back wheel. With the bike upside down and waiting for the solution to dry, I met people walking dogs who were happy to stand and talk to me, I put it all together and thought "the front feels odd". That was flat, and so start again Another couple came along and the usual chat followed, but this was Trevor Yeoman (Buxton C C) He had recently ridden a 25 organised by Nodder Johnson and even with a '26' and last, he was happy after recovering from angina problems, we swopped all sorts of stories and names before he went back to his car and I went back to Lyme Green. Congleton will come later.

I've had some great punctures

Maurice Green.