Track Leagues - Autumn

The ACT league resumed on Monday 2nd September. Most riders were making excuses about not having been on the track for months etc, but nonetheless the racing was fast and furious. Roy scored a point in the Olympic sprint. I secured a third spot for my juvenile rider in the paced race and this spurred me on to a victory in the devil. The final points race saw Roy and I in action in all the sprints , finally securing 3rd and 2nd spots respectively - so everything to ride for as we are now level in the Chesh championship - but there is a long way to go.
No points for Roy , Holidays for Mike , Masters Championships then resumption of racing saw Mike and Roy taking 3rd in the madison.
A Cheshire Roads/Chester roads foursome rode to victory over the Bury Clarion quartet, very smoothly in 5:38, not so very different to World champions !!
One point from the cdp for me and a point each for Roy and I with a good third place in the madison, this just nosed me ahead in the overall club competition.
Fridays resumed with a 2nd for Roy in his scratch race, wins for Roy and I in our team pursuits and 1 point for the sprint at 60 laps in the 10 mile (64 laps) for me, so back to 'even stevens' - it's a real ding-dong battle.
2 points for me in the cdp, Roy retired to lower his gear. As the points race wound up, Roy took an unfortunate spill, which left me to gain another point from 3rd place by taking the double points on the last lap.
Roy was back on the track on Friday with a big bruise (where it can't be seen) and was soon riding strongly to take a 3rd in the scratch race and 2nd in the points race. I managed a third in the devil so its still very close with only 1 point in it.
A disappointing Monday with no points for Roy and I, a hard ride in the madison.

Totals @ 21/10/2002

Roy Aitken -------- 64 ½
Mike Workman ---- 65 ½
Mike Bailey -------- 25 ½

Mike Workman.