Obituary from the Oct/Nov 2008 CTC Magazine:


Died 7th July after a short illness, aged 100 years and five weeks.

He cycled more than 600,000 miles in his life. A life member of the CTC, Stan began cycling in 1924 aged 16. He explored every corner of Britain and crossed all the major passes of Europe. In 1971, aged 63, he was one of the first cyclists to have climbed the Pico Veleta in Spain, the highest road in Europe. He led CTC tours for 20 years. He was interested in all aspects of cycling. He was a life member of the Cheshire Roads Club, and was president from 1947-1950 and editor for 21 years. He also joined the Anfield Bicycle Club, whose Saturday runs didn’t conflict with the Cheshire RC Sunday run. He was a founder member of the Manchester and District Time Trials Association and was a timekeeper for 20 years. He emigrated to Australia in 1978 with his wife to join their only child, Clare, and her family. In the year he was 90 he rode 7,143 miles.

David Birchall.